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Dedicated to You

Who doesn't like a little entertainment and curiosity about their loved ones who have passed?

Do you often wonder how your parent, grandparent, rainbow children, and others are doing? 

Do you wonder if you are able to still communicate with them?

You will find a session with Lindsay offers you so much peace of mind and guidance to provide the confirmation that you are looking for! There is so much healing that happens during these sessions.

Lindsay's readings provide you the opportunity to connect with the other side and hear what spirit has to say. These sessions tend to add closure or insight into situations that may be on your mind which can provide a profound healing moment.

Book a session and see what the other side has to say....Lindsay does this in a loving, kind, and unique way (don't worry she doesn't tell you anything you are not ready to hear).


Dedicated to You

Wanting to get some closure from passed loved ones or situations? Do you want to know if loved ones are ok and still around you? Would you like some clarity in your life? Well the first part of this session looks after that with a psychic reading. This is a great ice breaker to get you relaxed for the hard core healing session.
The healing session is intense, yet worth the investment. You are worth the internal healing of past trauma, depression, anxiety, PTDS, and so many other events that are holding you back in life.

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When you are ready for intense healing!

When you are ready to make some serious investments in yourself this package is for you!

This session will make a dramatic impact and change in your mindset and life!  We will be ripping the band aid solutions off that you have done so far, removing the scabbing, poking around in your wounds, and stitching you back up.

We strip you down to the nitty gritty of your trauma, depression, anxieties, triggers, relationship issues, etc. so that you no longer hold onto those fears.

This session is a great follow up to other sessions when you have already started the healing process. You should be comfortable with meditation and already started on journaling to get the maximum benefit from this program. When you are willing to change your mindset and your life this session will speed up the healing process!


Healing in a loving group setting!

Is it your turn to organize a Girl's Night? Tired of just hitting the usual locales? Have a Lindsay's Loving Party! 

Is your family struggling with some unanswered questions that could be beneficial to heal together? Spirit will guide you through the healing process to empower you to regain your power.

They can be either in person or virtual! Each party has its own uniqueness depending on the needs of the group.

Some friends and families are looking for answers from passed loved ones and find comfort in healing sessions together to enable the support needed.

You can have a more serious session or you can have a light and lively bachelorette party it is totally up to you!

Rates vary depending on what services you require, travel expenses, attendance, services, etc. We make every effort to work with you to create the experience that you are looking for.

Send us an e-mail and tell us what you are looking for and we can work together to develop a party that is suitable for your gathering!

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