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I AM in charge of my life!

This powerful card unites your mind, soul, and body that you are taking back the control in your life! You are in charge of every thought, word, action, feeling, choices, or interaction that occurs within your energy field.

When you are in charge of your life with your thoughts, you begin to realize that your thought patterns are faulty and can use adjustments. Even with the best intentions and positive mindset this is still an area that needs to be adjusted with an awareness made about how we talk to ourselves. When we think about ourselves with love, kindness, and free from judgement we have the ability to change our viewpoints which will put you in charge of your life!

Your words are extremely meaningful and impactful! When you take control of your words with an understanding of slight differences on how words can be interpreted by yourself, and others, allows you to change the way you say things. Choosing your words carefully is a gigantic step towards taking charge of your life!

Pay attention to your actions! Look at your body language when you speak to people. Do you stand with your arms crossed over your chest to appear angry, disinterested, or blocking anything that is presented to you? Are you slouching to appear that you are not confident? Is your head held high with pride to show confidence? Awareness of how you present yourself is a dramatic way to take charge of your life!

Taking charge of your feelings and how you deal with situations can be influential on your day! Do you tend to be reactive instead of proactive? When you are just reacting to events as they are happening it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like the world is working against you. When you are proactive, with an attempt to prepare yourself for events to happen you are able to flow with the punches way easier. You are also able to take emotion and feelings out of the decision-making process to create a plan that reflects the most positive way to preserve your energies.

There are always choices in EVERY decision! Keep that in mind, some of the choices may not be ideal, but there are always alternatives. We need to make the best choice with the information that is presented at the time. If we learn of a new way to handle a choice, choose to forgive yourself for not seeing it and attempt a new way of dealing with the situations. When you beat yourself up for making a choice that didn't work at that time should not allow you to be hard on yourself. Accept that you learned of a new choice or option, forgive yourself, and move on with new decision. Release that energy and accept the new energy that you are taking charge of the choices you make. Mistakes are not failures...they are 'miss' takes like in a get to reshoot the scene to make it better for yourself. That is how you take charge of your life!

Remember that you choose how to interact with people. If you choose to be a people pleaser by giving away your power and allowing others to treat you poorly that is not taking charge of your life. If you choose to let life happens to you instead of creating the life you desire.... those are your choices on how you interact with others. You determine how you interact and how people interact with you.... take control and empower yourself!

I AM in charge of my life is such a powerful statement. It means that you are creating your present and future! You are making the necessary changes to live your life in a soul-based way to let your light shine. This card reminds you to examine ways that you are leaking your power. Energize yourself by taking charge of your life!

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